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Domestic Assault Attorneys

Has someone accused you of domestic assault and now you’re staring down potential charges? Don’t face the criminal justice system on your own; reach out to our Colorado Springs domestic assault lawyers at The Foley Law Firm. Our legal team serves clients near Colorado Springs, CO, and the Pikes Peak area. We can craft a defense strategy and help you navigate your case.

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Domestic Assault Attorney in Colorado Springs, CO

A domestic assault accusation can be devastating and require help from a Colorado Springs domestic assault lawyer.

Even just the suspicion of domestic assault can lead to mistrust from friends and neighbors. An actual conviction can mean even more serious penalties and cause life-long problems.

But what is domestic assault? To put it simply, it’s where someone hurts—or threatens to hurt—their spouse, unmarried romantic partner, or children.

Colorado law outlines severe penalties for domestic assault. Protective orders may be put in place, preventing you from seeing loved ones again. You might face prison time and fines. Your neighborhood might never look at you the same way again.

An unfair domestic assault conviction can be a horrifying experience. Protect your rights by reaching out to our firm. We’re ready to provide you with guidance on how to move forward.

Possible Consequences of a Domestic Assault Charge or Conviction in Colorado Springs, CO

Some of the consequences of a conviction include:

  • Enrollment in a domestic assault treatment program
  • Inability to buy or own firearms
  • Jail time and fines

As your domestic assault defense lawyers, our goal is to help you create a solid defense to protect you from some of these consequences; call today to discuss your case.

Military Service Members Face Career-Ending Consequences for Domestic Assault Charges

Domestic assault charges can be devastating for anyone—but if you’re a military service member, you might find yourself dealing with even worse problems.

You won’t just be facing potential jail time and fines; you’ll also lose your military rank and security clearances. This means that a conviction can potentially end your military career. This is a devastating outcome, especially if you’ve given your whole life to serving your country. If you’re facing false charges, then you may not know where to turn.

Consider partnering with The Foley Law Firm in Colorado Springs. Our legal team can examine the facts of the case and provide you with advice and guidance.

It is Important to Establish Your Defense Early To Protect Your Rights Following a Charge of Domestic Assault

If you’re facing domestic assault accusations, you need to figure out a solid defense.

You might be totally innocent, but that doesn’t mean that you can relax. Even innocent people can face unexpected consequences, so you’ll need to have a defense in place and stick to it.

For example, say that you got into a fight with your spouse. All couples fight sometimes. During the argument, perhaps you startled your spouse, and they ended up knocking into something and injuring themself. In this case, the injury was entirely accidental and likely not to be a reoccurring incident, which your lawyer can use to your advantage.

Not every defense will work for every individual. Because of this, it’s important to work closely with your Colorado Springs domestic assault lawyer. When you partner with us, we can examine your case and figure out what options are available to you. We’ll discuss possible defenses and help you decide on one early on; this way, we’ll know how to approach your defense strategy.

Mitigating Consequences of a Domestic Assault or Harassment Charge in Colorado Springs

Sometimes, even the strongest defenses can’t save you from a conviction. In cases like these, you may still be able to lessen the severity of your sentence. Your lawyer may be able to argue for house arrest or more forgiving fines, lessening the overall severity of your charge.

Our domestic assault law firm takes the time to carefully examine your case and outline your options. If it doesn’t look like you can escape a conviction, we’ll fight to help you reduce your sentences. We provide you with legal support and guidance all throughout the process—no matter the circumstances.

Work Closely with The Foley Law Firm — Domestic Assault Defense Lawyers Experienced With Representing Both Civilian and Military Cases in Colorado Springs, CO

As a former prosecutor, our founding criminal defense attorney David W. Foley, Esq. knows how the prosecution thinks. He developed the training program for the district’s prosecutors; our firm leverages this thorough knowledge of domestic assault cases to help people in your situation build a solid defense. We care deeply about helping individuals and families to remain safe and secure in our Colorado Springs community.

A domestic assault accusation can have devastating consequences. Reach out to our Colorado Springs domestic assault lawyers at The Foley Law Firm.

We offer free consultations; call us today at (719) 757-1182 to learn more about how we can help.

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