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Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re facing charges for a crime in Colorado Springs, you don’t need to take on this life-changing challenge alone. Let our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys at The Foley Law Firm fight your battle for you.

Why Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney? Foley Law Firm, CO 80903

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Colorado Springs, CO

Have you been accused of committing a crime in Colorado Springs? If so, you’re likely stressed, anxious, and scared. You’re worried about your future and wonder whether you’ll need to pay hefty fines or even go to jail.

Thankfully, with a trusted criminal defense attorney on your side, you stand a better chance of fighting your charges and coming out of this battle victorious.

Examples of Ways an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Mistakes or Missed Opportunities While Managing Your Case

You may think your case is so clear-cut that defending yourself in court will be easy. Unfortunately, that’s usually not how it works. A criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid mistakes because they have the expertise to:

  • Collect evidence on your behalf
  • Gather witnesses
  • Interpret statutes that apply to your case
  • Help you find answers to complex legal questions

If you’re unsure whether a criminal defense lawyer is right for you, give us a call at (719) 757-1182 today.

Hiring a Private Criminal Defense Attorney in Colorado is a Better Choice Than Accepting a Public Defender in Most Situations

If you don’t have much money, the court may have offered you a public defender to work your case. It’s tempting to accept this offer, especially if you think it will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. However, relying on a public defender is rarely the right choice.

The main problem with public defenders is that their caseload is usually much too high. Public defenders, regardless of how invested they might be in your case, simply lack the time to give it the necessary attention. A private criminal defense lawyer, on the other hand, can fully devote themselves to your case and its outcome. That means you’ll have better odds against expensive fines and jail time.

Attempting To Defend Yourself Pro Se is Rarely a Wise Choice for Your Case and Your Future

You have the right to defend yourself under the law, and if your case seems fairly simple, you might think that’s a great idea. Maybe you don’t want to pay an attorney or would rather not deal with the hassle of working with a public defender. But even if you think you have a slam-dunk case, representing yourself is seldom the smartest choice.

Colorado’s laws are complex and confusing to the average person. When facing criminal charges, you don’t have the time to learn every detail of the legal system. That means you’re putting yourself at risk of a much harsher punishment if you try to defend yourself.

When the stakes are this high, you need a Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer who has what it takes to represent you in a court of law.

A Knowledgeable and Experienced Private Defense Lawyer Knows the Right Questions To Ask and Implements a Refined Approach To Research, Paperwork, and Procedure To Serve Your Interest

In Colorado, a criminal conviction may come with pricey fines and years of prison time. That’s especially true for serious crimes like murder, robbery, and assault. If you’re facing charges for crimes like these, figuring out how to defend yourself can feel overwhelming. Not only that, but one incorrectly followed procedure or missed deadline can put your entire case in jeopardy.

That’s why it’s so important to hire a lawyer you can trust from a reputable criminal defense law firm. You won’t have to worry about filing piles of paperwork, researching Colorado laws, collecting evidence, or building a case on your own. Let an experienced private defense attorney handle all the details of your case so you don’t have to.

If You Have Questions or You Are Not Sure Whether You Should Hire an Attorney, Discuss Your Criminal Defense Case with The Foley Law Firm in Colorado Springs, CO

When it comes to your future, choosing to hire a criminal defense lawyer is probably one of the most consequential choices you’ll ever make. Our criminal defense attorneys at The Foley Law Firm know what it takes to build a strong case against a wide range of criminal charges in Colorado Springs.

If you’d like to learn more about how our legal team can help your case, call us at (719) 757-1182 today to schedule a free consultation. We can discuss the details of your unique case, explore your options, and devise a strategy to defend against the criminal charges that threaten you and your future.

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