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FAQs About Criminal Defense

Below are some frequently asked questions about Criminal Defense:

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Do I need an attorney if I expect to plead guilty to a crime in Colorado Springs? How can I be sure I am making the right decision?

Yes, even if you plan on pleading guilty, you should first consult with a lawyer. A guilty plea might not be the best decision, and your attorney can help you fully understand the charges, the consequences, and other options.

How does attorney-client privilege work for a criminal defense case in Colorado? Are there exceptions to attorney-client privilege in Colorado Springs?

The attorney-client privilege means that anything you say to your attorney as you seek legal counsel cannot be divulged by your lawyer. There are exceptions, such as making a statement to your lawyer to conceal a crime.

Other exceptions also apply, and we can discuss them during a consultation with The Foley Law Firm.

What is an arraignment, how should I prepare, and what should I expect concerning an arraignment for a crime in Colorado Springs?

Typically, an arraignment is the first court appearance, which may be combined with a bail hearing. At this appearance, you will hear any charges formally read to you.

The best way to prepare for an arraignment is to be professionally dressed, well-groomed, and respectful. Your attorney will further guide you.

What is a deposition in a Colorado Springs criminal defense case, and what should I expect?

The deposition is a way for attorneys to gather witness statements from key witnesses. A court reporter will transcribe everything said at the deposition, and the information can be used to help defend your case.

Will my criminal defense case likely go to trial, and how can a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney help me to improve my prospects and likely consequences as I face a criminal charge? (What is a plea bargain?)

It’s estimated that only about 2% to 5% of criminal cases go to trial. The reason is that prosecutors are usually very confident about a defendant’s guilt before filing a claim. Many defendants work with their attorneys on plea bargains, which is a way to amend, reduce, or dismiss charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be well-versed in structuring a plea agreement that is as favorable as possible.

Can the police in Colorado search me or my property if they don’t have a warrant and I do not give them permission? How should I respond to a search attempt or request in Colorado Springs?

Generally speaking, police need a warrant to search you or your property. However, several exceptions to the warrant requirement exist. As a rule of thumb, remain calm and respectful when asked to submit to a search. Your lawyer can help determine whether the search was lawful.

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