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Criminal Defense Attorneys

Are you facing criminal charges in Colorado Springs, CO, or the Pikes Peak area? Defend your rights by reaching out to our criminal defense attorneys at The Foley Law Firm. We provide our clients with ongoing support and aggressive representation. Call today to discuss your case with a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney.

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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Colorado Springs, CO

Do you need help from a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney? You’ve tried to be an upstanding citizen—but now you’re facing criminal accusations anyway.

Maybe a jaded former partner accused you of committing domestic assault. Maybe someone claims they found illegal substances in your car. Or maybe someone accused you of stealing something from them, even if you didn’t do anything.

No matter the charges you’re facing, a criminal accusation can be terrifying. A conviction can result in fines, years in jail, and life-long consequences. If you’re in this situation, you might feel overwhelmed and confused. It’s not always clear where to turn, and trying to figure out a path forward is difficult.

Trying to navigate the legal system is intimidating and complicated—but a qualified criminal defense lawyer can make things a bit easier. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys at The Foley Law Firm can offer advice and support. We aim to assist our clients from the beginning of their cases to the end and provide personalized assistance to every individual.

Types of Criminal Charges in Colorado Springs

Criminal offenses like infractions, felonies, and misdemeanors can include all sorts of specific charges, including:

Don’t let a criminal accusation ruin your life; contact our firm.

What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Crime in Colorado Springs, CO

First: try not to panic. Criminal accusations might be frightening, but panicking will likely just make the situation worse. Take a breath, stay calm, and try to think about things carefully; there are ways forward.

Next, make sure that you don’t say anything to law enforcement. You’ll want to cooperate with them wherever you can, but saying the wrong thing could cause problems. Even the simplest statements can have surprising consequences in court. You might be innocent but say the wrong thing, and they could use your words against you. You have the right to remain silent; take advantage of it.

Finally, you’re going to want to find an attorney from a criminal defense law firm to represent you. While you have the option of representing yourself, it’s generally not a good idea.

We’ve seen it time and time again: People try to defend themselves but end up fumbling in court. Skilled prosecutors can twist your words against you, which means you could end up convicted for a crime you didn’t even commit. A qualified defense lawyer will generally have a thorough understanding of the law and how the legal system works—which means they’ll also probably know what tactics the prosecution will use against you.

The Differences Between a Misdemeanor and a Felony in Colorado

There are two major types of crimes: misdemeanors, which are less concerning crimes, and felonies, which can be incredibly serious.

Misdemeanors come with less severe penalties, such as smaller fines, short stints in jail, or community service. For example, a Class A misdemeanor requires a jail sentence between six months and one year.

Felonies have the biggest impact; even the least serious felony will result in a year in prison, and major ones can see you imprisoned for life. A Class A felony, the most severe category, usually involves a life sentence.

A Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Lawyer Helps You To Navigate Processes Towards Mitigating Devastating Consequences Associated With a Criminal Charge

A criminal conviction can have a huge, life-long impact. Criminal convictions can mean restricted freedom, large fines, and fewer employment opportunities.

That’s where working with a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney can be helpful. An experienced lawyer knows how the criminal justice system works and can help you determine how to move forward.

We’re here to help you examine your options, gather evidence, and build a strong defense. We’re a part of the Colorado Springs community and care deeply about helping others. To us, you’re a person, not just a case. Right now, you’re dealing with a terrifying situation. We’ll take the time to listen to your needs and understand your case.

Work Closely with The Foley Law Firm — Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Colorado Springs

Facing criminal charges can be scary. A conviction can lead to serious penalties, and even just an accusation can be frustrating to deal with. Working with a Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer can help you protect yourself.

We understand how terrifying this situation can be, so we provide compassionate service and knowledgeable advice.

Consultations are free; just give us a call at (719) 757-1182 and find out more about how we can help.

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