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FAQs About Dui

Below are some frequently asked questions about DUI:

DWAI/DUI FAQs | The Foley Law Firm | Colorado Springs, CO

Can the slightest drink of alcohol lead to a DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) charge in Colorado Springs, CO?

Yes. You can still face DWAI charges if alcohol or other substances impair your driving ability, even if your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is within the legal limit. Some individuals are more susceptible to alcohol and may show impaired driving even after drinking very little.

Besides alcohol, what other substances or activities could cause a DWAI charge in Colorado Springs, CO?

Smoking marijuana or using controlled substances could also affect driving abilities, leading to DWAI charges in CO. Even your prescription meds could trigger a DWAI charge if they cause drowsiness or otherwise impair your driving ability. Always make sure any prescription drugs you use are compatible with safe driving.

What reasons or excuses can a police officer have to pull someone over before they charge a driver with DWAI or DUI in Colorado Springs, CO?

In Colorado, a police officer has to have grounds for reasonable suspicion when they stop you for possible DUI/DWAI. Constant swerving, inconsistent speed, and erratic driving are some common behaviors for which a police officer could stop a driver.

How much THC in a blood test will lead to a DUID charge in Colorado, and what steps can someone take to prepare evidence that THC did not impair them while driving?

Blood THC levels above 5 nanograms will trigger a DUID charge in CO. A skilled DUI lawyer can help you defend against DUID charges based on THC metabolism, e.g., arguing that THC blood content doesn’t necessarily equal intoxication.

How do the consequences of a Colorado DUID conviction compare and contrast with a DUI or DWAI conviction?

DUI and DUID are the same charge under Colorado law. DWAI is a slightly less serious charge, so a first DWAI conviction usually involves lesser penalties than first DUI/DUID convictions. However, offenders with prior convictions generally face the same penalties for DUI/DUID and DWAI.

How might I be affected if I was charged and not convicted of a DUID in Colorado?

A DUID arrest could lead to automatic and immediate license suspension, even before a conviction. You can schedule a DMV hearing within seven days and dispute your license revocation. A skilled local DUI/DUID lawyer can help you protect your driving privileges in CO.
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