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FAQs About Catastrophic Injury

Below are some frequently asked questions about Catastrophic Injury:

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How do my age, education, and lost earning potential affect the valuation of my catastrophic injury case in Colorado Springs, CO?

Victims of catastrophic injuries can seek damages for lost earning potential. Generally, the more potential income you have lost, the more settlement you could claim.

Age, education, and pre-accident wages directly impact estimating lost earning potential. A young professional with a prestigious degree or a high-earning position may expect more significant compensation than an employee near retirement age with a moderate to low income.

What is a life care plan, and how does it factor into my Colorado Springs catastrophic injury case?

A life care plan details your injury-related medical conditions and evaluates the prospective long-term or permanent treatment costs over the course of your probable lifespan. These costs may include future surgeries, medical equipment, live-in healthcare assistance, disability accommodations, etc.

An accurate and detailed life care plan can help you plan your future after an accident. It will help your catastrophic injury lawyer build a robust, accurate claim.

What are noneconomic damages in a Colorado Springs catastrophic injury case, what are some examples, and how are the values of such damages determined?

As a catastrophic injury victim, you may be able to seek compensation for noneconomic damages, like physical and emotional pain and suffering, daily inconvenience, impaired quality of life, and loss of consortium. For example, if you were an avid athlete but can no longer practice sports because of your injury, this counts as noneconomic damage.

Valuing noneconomic damages typically works by multiplying the total of economic damages by a one-to-five factor, which depends on the seriousness of your injury.

How do medical care and physical therapy affect the timeline of my catastrophic injury case in Colorado Springs, and do these factors relate to long-term expenses and damages?

In most personal injury cases, your lawyer will recommend seeking legal recourse as soon as possible. However, in catastrophic injury cases, we may advise you to wait until we have a clearer picture of your long-term recovery prospects and future expenses following medical treatment and physical therapy. Once you reach maximum improvement, your personal injury lawyer can help you make an informed decision on proceeding with your claim and accepting a settlement.

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