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Can you own and carry any type of knife in Colorado?

April 19, 2022 – admin – Criminal Defense

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The state of Colorado has lenient knife and blade laws when compared to other U.S. regions. As such, there are only a few restrictions associated with bladed weapons. If you feel strongly about self-defense but prefer blades over guns, knowledge of the law can help you avoid weapons offenses.

The only knife that is outright illegal in Colorado is the ballistic knife. If you are unfamiliar with these weapons, they feature blades that detach with the click of a button and launch ballistically toward the target. When shopping for bladed weapons, you should avoid adding a ballistic knife to your collection.

Are there any blade length restrictions?

As previously mentioned, most blades are not technically illegal. However, there are some blade restrictions you should learn. For example, if your non-ballistic knife blade does not exceed 3.5 inches in length, you can carry it openly or hidden (concealed) on your person. If you conceal longer blades on your person, it may result in weapons charges.

Are switchblades and gravity knives illegal?

Recently, Colorado and other states have relaxed their perspective on these knives. Switchblades and gravity knives are generally legal to own. You can open a switchblade by pressing a button, while gravity knives can open with a flick of your wrist (assisted by gravity).

Are long blades like swords illegal?

So long as you do not conceal long blades, you may carry them without fear of violating the law. In addition to swords, examples of legal long-bladed weapons include stilettos, daggers, machetes and bowie knives.

If charged with weapons offenses for carrying a knife, there are several ways to defend against conviction. Learning more about your defense options can help you avoid consequences such as a jail sentence and expensive fines.

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