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How Will A Felony Conviction Affect My Career?

October 1, 2020 – David W. Foley – Firm News

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How will a felony conviction affect my career?Many who face criminal charges believe they can do their time and get on with their lives without much interruption. Even if a conviction results in jail or prison, they may feel it will only take a little effort to get back to work and get on their feet again. While some may be fortunate to have understanding employers, others may have to seek new employment when they finish their sentences.

It may be a shock to learn that finding a job may not be so easy, especially if the conviction involves a felony charge. No matter how understanding an employer may be, the fact is that certain professions bar anyone with a felony conviction from working in their industry. If you are facing criminal charges, especially for a felony, you may be taking a dangerous risk to handle the matter without quality legal assistance.

Some jobs may be off limits

While it is true that many employers cannot ask you about your criminal history on a job application or in your interview, they probably will do a background check, and any convictions will surface. In some professions, a benevolent employer may have a heart to give convicted felons a second chance. In other industries, however, employers do not have that discretion. For example, in many states, a job that requires certification, security clearance, or contact with sensitive information or clients may be off limits in the following areas if you have a record:

  • Working around children, such as in a school or a daycare
  • Working as a licensed real estate agent
  • Holding a license to practice medicine, or other professions in health care or the pharmaceutical industry
  • Selling insurance
  • Holding a contractor’s license
  • Working as a veterinarian
  • Working in law enforcement
  • Taking the bar exam to become a lawyer

These are only a few examples from some states. In fact, any profession that answers to a board or maintains a code of ethics likely has restrictions that apply to those with felony criminal convictions.

Finding a satisfying job may be only one struggle you face if a court convicts you of a felony. You may lose civil rights that are important to you, and you may forfeit many benefits for the rest of your life. To minimize the chances of facing these consequences, it is wise to have a skilled Colorado attorney on your side as early as possible after your arrest.

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