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You Need Immediate Help When Falsely Accused Of Domestic Violence

April 24, 2020 – admin – Domestic Violence

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According to research, false claims of domestic violence are uncommon. A paper published by The Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence indicates that false claims are rare and that most victims are in real danger from violence. However, untrue domestic violence allegations do still happen.

Undeniably, victims of abuse and violence need as much help as possible, but what about those who have been falsely accused? They deserve assistance as well to protect their good names as well as their rights as residents of Colorado. If convicted of domestic violence, defendants face the following consequences.

  • Completion of an evaluation and/or a domestic violence treatment program
  • Loss of the basic right to own guns and ammunition
  • Serving a period of house arrest
  • Denial of probation if the court deems you a danger to others

Another important consequence of a domestic violence conviction is that you may be told to stay away from the accuser through a temporary restraining order. If this is your spouse or former spouse and you share children, such an order could mean you cannot see your kids for some time. As you might expect, this could have an extremely negative effect on your relationship with your children.

Those accused of domestic violence or abuse should take immediate steps to avoid a conviction. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help you make sense of your ordeal while developing defense strategies to acquire the most favorable outcome possible.

Although the preservation of the family is typically a court’s top priority, it must also take the safety of the accusers into account. Defending yourself is not just your right, it is necessary to preserve your relationships going forward.

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