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July 11, 2018 – admin – Drunk Driving

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Drinking and driving is a common phenomenon despite the fact that virtually everyone knows it is illegal and dangerous. People drink alcohol and get behind the wheel even when they know the risks. Astonishingly, more than four million adults in the United States admit to driving while drunk. This results in arrests and many deadly accidents. More than 10,000 people died in 2013 from drunk driving.

Drunk driving arrests and accidents happen all the time, so why do people still do it? Here are a few reasons why so many individuals risk getting a DUI conviction:

False confidence

Alcohol affects the brain in various ways. One side effect that many people experience is a false increase in confidence. Some people feel more capable, powerful and invisible when they are drunk. When someone feels this way, they may not think that getting behind the wheel is a big deal.

Bad judgment

Alcoholic drinks also affect judgment and perception. What one person may find wrong while sober may think is fine when under the influence. Drunk people are more prone to making unwise decisions.

Embarrassment or inconvenience

A person may feel embarrassed to admit he or she is drunk. If someone is too afraid to ask for a ride home, he or she may simply try to drive. Other people may claim that getting an Uber, Lyft or taxi is too inconvenient or expensive. However, DUI fines and the other consequences of a conviction will be far worse.

Love of taking risks

Certain individuals partake in misconduct because of the rush they get from doing it. Some repeat DUI offenders often drink and drive because they love the feeling of getting away with it. However, drunk drivers will eventually be caught and deal with the criminal consequences.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but the law treats drunk drivers harshly. If you get caught for driving while under the influence of alcohol, you need strong legal counsel. And remember this important fact: there are effective defenses to DUI charges.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Colorado Springs | Call 719-757-1182

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