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Understanding Alcohol DWI In Colorado

February 13, 2015 – David W. Foley – Drunk Driving

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Just the same as it is in every other state, it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol in Colorado. The Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles shares a variety of information on alcohol DWI, including the process that you will be faced with if arrested for this crime.

The term express consent confuses many, but it’s actual meaning is simple to understand. The Division of Motor Vehicles defines this as: “Colorado’s Express Consent Law requires any driver to consent to a chemical test if a police officer has reasonable grounds to believe the person is driving under the influence or their ability to operate a motor vehicle is impaired because of alcohol, drugs or both.”

In short, if an officer has reason to believe that you are under the influence, you must submit to a chemical test. While this may be the law, there are still people who neglect to do so for one reason or another.

As your case moves forward, you may be faced with options, such as a plea bargain, for putting this behind you. Understanding each option is extremely important. For example, a plea bargain may require that you complete alcohol classes to have your license reinstated.

Even though chemical tests can be an accurate way to measure a person’s blood alcohol level, police can make mistakes when administering the test and results can be skewed.

Anybody who is charged with a Colorado driving while intoxicated charge can learn more about his or her rights, and potential punishment through the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles. This is critical to feeling confident as the legal process unwinds.

Source: Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles, “Alcohol DUI” accessed Feb. 12, 2015

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