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Traffic Fatalities Labeled A Crisis

September 16, 2022 – admin – Motor Vehicle Accidents

Traffic fatalities labeled a crisis | Colorado Springs, CO

When analyzing the data from 2021, experts found something very interesting regarding traffic accidents. Almost all of the statistics have gone up. Fatalities, for instance, had reached a 16-year high. It was clear that the roads were exceptionally dangerous and it appeared that this problem was only growing worse over time.

That’s a substantial issue because a lot of new technology has been aimed at safety. Modern cars now have lane departure warning systems, backup cameras, blindspot monitoring devices, front and rear cameras, adaptive cruise control and much more. All of these things are supposed to prevent accidents from happening, but it’s clear that they’re still happening at an increasing clip.

How much risk do you face?

Some drivers are tempted to disregard statistics like this. They understand that other people have gotten into fatal accidents or suffered serious injuries, but they assume those people must’ve been poor drivers or people who chose to drive recklessly or negligently.

But an overall rise in statistics like this just underscores how dangerous it is for you. You have to share the road with these individuals, and a greater number of traffic accidents every year means higher odds of being drawn into one of these crashes yourself. You can be an absolutely perfect driver who follows every traffic law to the letter, but you can still be hit by someone who unexpectedly runs a red light or drives into your lane. There’s often nothing you can do to avoid these accidents.

As such, make sure that you are well aware of your legal rights if you lose a loved one or suffer serious injuries in a wreck.

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