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Tools to Prevent Dogs from Causing Distracted Driving

July 22, 2022 – admin – Motor Vehicle Accidents

Tools to prevent dogs from causing distracted driving | Colorado Springs, CO

Many people are spending their summers with their closest furry friend. They may be going on long rides across the nation or they may just be spending the time getting some fresh air with their dog in the car.

It can take a lot of training to get a dog to sit still for hours on end. One wrong move and a dog might just jump into someone’s lap while they’re driving, disrupting their vision or control over the wheel and creating an accident.

There are many tools pet owners can use if they plan on taking their dog on the road. These tools may not eliminate their pet from causing distractions, but they may reduce some of the interference. Here’s what people can use:

Use the right tool for the right-sized dog

Every dog is unique in breed and size, so that means not every tool is best for every dog. Small to medium-sized dogs may use equipment that supports both their size and energy:

  • Dog crates: dog crates come in many sizes. Some can be strapped in a seat to prevent the cage was moving on wide turns or sudden stops
  • Harnesses and restraints: Harnesses and restraints are similar to using a seatbelt but are intended to fit comfortably on a dog.

Larger dogs don’t always have the luxury of fitted vests and sizable dog crates – even if many big dogs have tiny dog complexes. Pets owners should fret, however, there are still plenty of safety devices for large to colossal dogs:

  • Seat barriers: seat barriers intend to block dogs from reaching the front seat and causing havoc at the wheel. They usually reach from the driver seat to the passenger seat, giving just a little room for dogs to poke their nose over.
  • Car nets: car nets work similarly to seat barriers, only they can be used from floor to ceiling.

If you’re in a car accident because a pet in the car distracted a driver then you may be seriously injured and looking for ways to pay off your medical bills and losses.

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