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Man Faces Serious Charges After 12 Colorado Robberies

January 7, 2014 – David W. Foley – Felonies

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A man has recently been arrested resulting after a series of apparent robberies in Boulder County. Colorado police took the man into custody after two gas stations were robbed on the same day. The man faces serious charges of robbery, and police continue to investigate the incidents.

According to the report, a string of approximately 12 robberies has recently occurred in Boulder and Boulder County. On Dec. 29, two gas stations were robbed within hours of each other. Bolder police officers and the Colorado State Patrol worked together to find a black Chevy Blazer that was allegedly connected with one of the robberies. The Blazer was found on New Year’s Eve, and the officers questioned the driver.

The driver of the Blazer claimed only to be the getaway driver, and he apparently told police where to find the man who supposedly committed the robberies. The police obtained a search warrant, and they arrested the man the getaway driver is said to have described. The police suspect that the man is responsible for all 12 robberies, and they expect more charges against him as the investigation continues.

For now, the man faces serious charges that include aggravated robbery. Even though Colorado police are expecting to file more charges against the man during the course of the investigation, the primary potential evidence so far appears to be the testimony of the alleged getaway driver. It is possible that new evidence might come up in the case that could work in the man’s favor, which may ultimately affect the results of his criminal proceedings.

Source: CBS Denver, Boulder Serial Robbery Suspect Arrested, No author, Jan. 2, 2014

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