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Is Divorce a Harbinger of False Domestic Violence Allegations?

February 15, 2022 – admin – Domestic Violence

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Is divorce a harbinger of false domestic violence allegations?

It is very unfortunate when a spouse in the throes of a hotly contested divorce attempts to game the system by falsely accusing the other spouse of domestic violence. However, these scenarios can and do arise in the Colorado family law courts.

Below are some reasons why it is so vital to protect yourself, your freedom and your parental rights in the face of false allegations of domestic violence.

False allegations can derail military careers

If you are in the military and your spouse falsely accuses you of domestic violence a military protective order can be issued by a commissioned officer. Your rights are legally restrained the same way as they are under civil orders, but now the military is intimately involved in the circumstances of your divorce.

Your parenting rights can be greatly curtailed

If you are permitted to see the kids at all after a spouse seeks a protective order, it could be only under supervision by another adult. This can make it challenging to transition back into unsupervised visits with the children.

Your job could be at risk

Depending on the line of work you are in, domestic violence charges could get you fired from your job. Those working with children, from bus drivers to pediatricians, could face censure or be placed on restricted duties because of these allegations.

Your reputation is on the line

Your friends, fellow church members, work associates and even family members who learn of the false accusations could all shun you. At the least, your formerly sterling reputation can get seriously dinged when falsely accused of domestic abuse. Remember, a bell can never be unrung.

Be proactive about your defense

Now is not the time to vacillate. Launch a stalwart defense to the false charges as soon as you can in order to mitigate any damages.

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