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Do Drunk-Driving Prevention Apps Really Work?

April 13, 2022 – David W. Foley – Drunk Driving

Do Drunk-Driving Prevention Apps Really Work? Colorado Springs

You probably know you can face severe consequences for a Colorado DUI. Even first-time offenders typically lose their license for several months and spend thousands of dollars on fines.

It is easy to misjudge one’s sobriety, but it is safe to assume that most people do not mean to drive while incapacitated. Can a Smartphone app help you calculate your intoxication? We cannot say for sure, but perhaps the following apps could be worth trying:

The Alcohoot app

Alcohoot is a device and an app. The device turns your smartphone into a breathalyzer that measures blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Unlike other devices, this app uses fuel cell technology like the professional breathalyzers used by police officers. The Alcohoot app integrates smoothly to help you track your intoxication levels.

AlcoDroid and DrinkTracker apps

The DrinkTracker app is for Apple devices, and the AlcoDroid is for Android devices. They allow you to enter your details (weight, age, gender, etc.) and the number of drinks you consumed to arrive at an estimated BAC. Be cautious, though, as not all BAC estimates are accurate.

The BreathalEyes app

Police officers often use the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test in DUI stops to check for abnormal eye movements (a symptom of intoxication). Now, you can perform an HGN yourself with the BreathalEyes app. It uses your phone camera to scan for abnormal eye movements and can potentially help you avoid a DUI. Update July 6, 2023: This app has been removed from the app store and has been deemed “for entertainment purposes only”.

Although the tools and apps discussed here are worth considering, they are likely not infallible. The only real way to avoid a drunk driving charge is to not drink and drive. If you are already facing DUI charges, you still have a chance to avoid a disastrous outcome. Experienced guidance and knowledge of Colorado drinking and driving laws can help you create a sound DUI defense.

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