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Curb the Collateral Consequences of Campus Crimes

January 8, 2016 – David W. Foley – Criminal Defense

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Going off to college is an exciting time in a young person’s life. For many, it’s fast paced and full of first-time experiences – living apart from mom and dad, making new friends and being held accountable for school and work. But this freedom and independence comes with higher standards of personal responsibility. Even a single lapse in judgment can lead to a serious run in with the law and school authorities.

At The Foley Law Firm, our attorneys understand that college students can make mistakes – for many it’s just part of growing up and maturing. But we don’t believe that a young person should be stuck paying the consequences for the rest of his or her life.

Even Minor Offenses Carry Major Consequences

Whether you are a student wondering what to do after an arrest or a concerned parent looking for answers on behalf of your child, it’s important to consider both the legal and collateral consequences of an arrest and potential conviction.

Time in jail, fees and fines, probation and a tarnished criminal record are all serious potential punishments that should be countered with help from a lawyer. But there are other issues stemming from criminal charges that can compromise future employment and educational opportunities, including:

  • Suspension or expulsion from school
  • Denial of scholarships and grants
  • Ineligibility for study abroad programs
  • Eviction from or ineligibility for student housing
  • Suspension from athletic programs or other school-affiliated programs
  • Loss of student-worker privileges or employment

Drunk or impaired driving (DUI/DUI-D and DWAI), drug possession, computer crimes, criminal trespass, assault and harassment, and other criminal charges can have lasting consequences that may prevent a young person from taking advantage of a college education and the opportunities it has to offer.

Whether you are a student at Colorado State University, the University of Northern Colorado or another school in the state, protecting yourself against criminal accusations with the help of an experienced attorney can be one of the wisest decisions you make. In addition to criminal proceedings, your attorney can help you navigate the school’s administrative or disciplinary hearings.

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