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Colorado Springs mailman arrested and accused of stealing mail

January 5, 2018 – admin – Criminal Defense

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A mailman in Colorado springs was arrested and accused of stealing mail. Authorities allege that the accused mailman may have stolen 80 letters, which they say they found in his bag. Police claim that half of the stolen letters they found had been opened.

The arrest came as the result of a sting operation in which federal agents attempted to track down lost letters. Agents mailed letters that contained tracking devices to determine exactly where the letters were at all times. The transmitter allegedly showed that the accused mailman took the letter with the transmitter, carried it with him for the entirety of his postal route, then went back to the postal station and brought it with him into his personal vehicle when he went home from work for the day.

Federal agents then carried out a traffic stop and asked the postal worker if he had mail that wasn’t his. After the postal worker said that he didn’t have any letters, police carried out a search of his vehicle and allegedly discovered 80 letters that were not his.

The U.S. postal service has over 630,000 employees. The vast majority of these employees are honest and do a good job in their positions. However, federal agents are currently cracking down on any and all suspected criminal behavior. As such, according to Deputy Special Agent in Charge for the U.S. Postal Service, it’s possible that more arrests will be made in the future as agents continue to crack down on abuses.

Just because federal agents arrest and accuse someone of a crime does not mean that the person actually committed the offense and it does not mean that he or she will be convicted in a court of law. Every person will be viewed as innocent until — and only if — he or she is proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a proper court of law.

Source:, “Colorado Springs postal carrier arrested for stealing mail,” James Walters, Dec. 27, 2017

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