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Colorado Felony DUI Bill Moving Forward

April 25, 2014 – admin – Drunk Driving

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Even though most people realize the seriousness of drunk driving, many make this mistake and find that they are in trouble as a result.

In the state of Colorado, things may be changing for drunk driving offenders in the near future. A felony DUI bill is advancing forward. If this bill is made into a law, it would make repeated drunk driving convictions a felony.

While the chamber’s Appropriations Committee passed the bill, there is still a lot of work to be done according to Rep. Mark Waller, who is the prime sponsor. One thing the bill has going for it is that 45 other states have a similar law. He said, “We still have a long way to go. Now’s not the time to celebrate. This is the time for this to get passed; there will never be better circumstances than we have now.”

At this time, it is a misdemeanor to drive under the influence of alcohol. This holds true no matter how many times the person has been arrested for this crime. With the new bill, drivers who receive three or more DUIs over the period of seven years, or four over the course of their lifetime, would be charged with a Class 4 felony offense.

Waller had a similar bill make it through the House last year, but it was struck down and never made it to the Senate.

This bill could change the way repeat DUI offenders are treated, but it is not likely to stop drinking and driving altogether. This is a mistake that many people make, but hopefully not one that they are unable to overcome.

Source: Brush News-Tribune, “Felony DUI bill advances in Colorado House” Anthony Cotton, Apr. 10, 2014

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