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Colorado Father Arrested On Child Abuse Charges

October 4, 2013 – admin – Domestic Violence

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When there have been no witnesses to a crime, the wrong person could be accused of having involvement. Though evidence may suggest that a certain person had some sort of association with an offense such as child abuse, the suspect may be able to provide a strong defense that plants reasonable doubt. If an accused individual chooses to present a defense, there may be several strategies available to explore.

A Colorado father may be looking to determine his options after he was taken into custody for alleged child abuse. According to reports, authorities presumably responded to a call from an area hospital after concerns of abuse were apparently expressed. Police noted that a 5-month-old baby had sustained injuries to the head.

Authorities began to conduct an investigation into the incident. After they determined that the injuries were “nonaccidental,” the 40-year-old father of the child was arrested. It was not detailed as to how they came to the conclusion that the injuries may have been intentionally inflicted on the child.

It was not reported whether anyone witnessed the accused mistreating the baby or exhibiting other signs of child abuse. However, being accused of such a crime is still a serious event, and the suspect may wish to present relevant evidence that could suggest he was not involved in how the infant sustained the injuries. There may be other defense options that could suit his situation as well, and if he chooses to explore them, information on child abuse laws and relevant Colorado criminal proceedings could prove beneficial.

Source:, Colorado Springs police: Father arrested on suspicion of abuse, No author, Sept. 25, 2013

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