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Check kiting: A form of check fraud

November 25, 2021 – admin – Criminal Defense

Check kiting: A form of check fraud | Criminal Defense Lawyer | Colorado Springs, CO

Check fraud crimes come in many forms. One of these is check kiting. This occurs when a person writes a check from one their bank accounts and deposits it into their account with another bank. The problem is that the bank account that the check was written from doesn’t have the funds available to cover it.

The person who’s doing this is counting on being able to use the funds from the check while the check is still in the process of clearing the first bank account. In theory, the person has time to make a deposit before the check clears. This isn’t always what happens.

How does check kiting work?

There are a few ways that check kiting can occur and some of these can take a while. Some people will float checks from one account to another and back to the first account.

In some cases, they manipulate bank names and routing numbers so that no bank recognizes the information on the check. This buys them more time before they’re found out. Some banks have special checks in place to try to thwart this from happening.

Anyone who has been charged with check kiting or any other forms of check fraud needs to ensure they learn their options as quickly as possible. Planning your defense strategy as soon as possible is critical so that you can try to minimize the consequences of the charge on your life. Understanding what options you have and what you need to do easier when you have experienced legal guidance.

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