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Cellphone Use While Driving is Prevalent Among Teen Drivers

August 26, 2021 – David W. Foley – Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Learning how to drive is a rite of passage for most teenagers. While some know that safety must come first when they’re driving, the pull of cellphones and social media might be stronger than the need to remain safe.

It’s imperative that all teens remember that they must put the phone down when they’re driving. They shouldn’t ever check their phones behind the wheel. Multitasking is appropriate in other areas, but not driving.

Why are cellphones and social media issues for teens?

Teens feel an intense need to remain connected to their friends. They may worry that they’re missing something important. Some are addicted to social media. The issue for teens is that they don’t have the experience necessary to drive safely. Distractions, such as cellphones, take away from the teen’s ability to pay attention to the road and react to hazards.

Checking social media or texts might not take long; however, getting into a crash doesn’t either. It takes only five seconds for a vehicle moving 55 miles per hour to go the length of a regulation football field. That’s a considerable distance to travel without paying attention to the road. Unfortunately, teens who are distracted may cause wrecks that injure or kill innocent people.

Anyone who’s injured in a crash with a teen who was distracted by a cellphone should ensure they get the medical care they need. They may also opt to file a claim for compensation. This can help them to recover the financial damages they’re dealing with because of the crash. Remember, Colorado law sets specific time limits for filing these claims so you must act quickly if you’re going to seek compensation.

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