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Can The Police Charge You With A Crime Over A Prescription?

March 5, 2021 – admin – Drug Crimes

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Drug crimes are commonly the result of someone possessing or using a banned or prohibited substance like heroin or methamphetamine. Most of the dramatic drug busts that make it on to the news feature illegal substances banned under both federal and state laws.

Issues with prescription medications don’t often make the news the way that prohibited drugs do. However, just because you haven’t seen a news report about the police busting someone illegally trafficking diazepam to their neighbors, that doesn’t mean that these crimes don’t occur. Colorado police officers do arrest and charge people for the possession, use or distribution of prescription drugs or controlled substances.

In what situations do people face prescription drug charges?

Many things that you might do with a prescribed medication technically violate the law. Getting behind the wheel after taking painkillers or other drugs that impair your ability to drive is one example. Taking a higher dose than your doctor recommended or otherwise violating their instructions is technically a violation of the laws that allow you to possess a controlled substance.

Intentionally misusing a drug to produce some kind of recreational effect could also constitute a crime. Beyond that, giving away your medication to other people or selling it to someone could also result in criminal charges.

The more commonly people associate a drug with abuse, the more likely it is that police will charge you with a crime. Pain medications, in particular, are often a focal point of prescription drug law enforcement. Even holding on to medication for someone else or transporting it for them could lead to charges until you prove you didn’t do anything wrong.

Given the life-altering impact of a drug offense conviction, you need to explore how best to defend yourself when the police accuse you of doing something inappropriate with prescription medication. An experienced attorney can help.

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