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All You Need To Know About Sexting

November 22, 2017 – admin – Sex Crimes

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Sexting has become a common problem for parents and educators over the past five-plus years. As more and more kids get smartphones at younger ages, they are opened up to the entire world. Sexting is an activity that millions of people partake in on a daily basis, many of whom are in relationships and do so with their significant other or spouse. Today, we will explain sexting.

So, what is sexting? Sexting is an activity where two or more people share nude photos or other suggestive materials via text message. Many sexting issues that reach the courts deal with the sharing of nude photos by one person who received them and did not have permission to share them.

There are not many laws on the books today that deal with sexting, or that term itself. That’s why many cases involving pictures of nude minors sent via text messages fall under child pornography laws. This means that prosecutors are left to determine whether or not the charges will be filed related to child pornography or not to file charges at all.

When faced with a sexting case, many prosecutors will either choose to prosecute under child pornography laws or use a different type of method. Other methods include issuing probation, issuing fines and other diversionary methods in an effort to give minors a second chance.

Have you been accused of a sex crime surrounding sexting? There’s no reason to believe that your reputation cannot be saved or that you will be facing years in jail. You need to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and build a defense in El Paso County.

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