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Aggressive Criminal Defense Needed For Sex Crimes Defendants

September 5, 2014 – David W. Foley – Sex Crimes

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Colorado defendants who are facing sex crimes allegations in the Colorado Springs area should know that these accusations are considered very serious violations. In many cases, aggressive criminal defense is required to clear defendants’ names, protect their professional careers and prevent further damage to reputation. An arrest for sex crimes should not be allowed to have an unfair impact on your personal life. Instead of simply rolling over and allowing the prosecution to prevail, consider your legal options with a criminal defense attorney.

Simply being charged with a sex crime can result in serious damage to reputation for many Colorado residents. A conviction can have even more serious consequences. Imagine having difficulty finding housing and employment, simply because of a prior criminal offense. Your business may be affected, and your relationships with family members and friends could also be damaged.

Aggressive criminal defense is the best way to combat allegations of sex crimes in Colorado. Our team of legal professionals can help devise a strategy to protect the rights and promote the interests of those accused of a variety of sex crimes. Whether your allegations are based in physical contact — such as date rape or sexual assault — or virtual violations such as sexting and possession of child pornography, our legal team can help you come up with the best solution for your case.

Law enforcement officials are often so determined to obtain a conviction in sex crimes cases that they tend to overlook small procedural details that violate your rights. Further, sex crimes defendants are often intimidated by the number of experts that are put on the stand to dispense incriminating theories. Prosecutors and authorities are aggressive in court; why shouldn’t you have a similar ally in your corner? Choosing the right legal team for your sex crimes defense can improve your likelihood of a positive outcome and protect your personal life.

Source: The Foley Law Firm, “Colorado Springs El Paso County Sex Crime Attorney” Sep. 03, 2014

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