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Can you file a premises liability suit for a dangerous stairway?

May 28, 2021 – admin – Personal Injury

Can you file a premises liability suit for a dangerous stairway? Colorado Springs, CO

When most people think about premises liability, they usually envision someone slipping and falling in a parking lot or grocery store aisle. However, property-related injuries can occur in other ways as well.

Stairs, for example, are often the scene of many serious accidents. When are property owners liable for stair accidents and injuries?

What does Colorado law say?

According to Colorado premises liability law, injured victims must prove that the owner is responsible for injuries suffered on a property. Whether you suffer a stairwell injury or a parking lot accident, the law applies to all premises liability claims.

To recover financial compensation from a property owner, you need to prove the following.

  • You suffered an injury on another’s property.
  • The owner knew or should have known about the danger.
  • The property owner unreasonably failed to protect invitees from dangerous conditions.
  • The property owner’s unreasonable failure to protect invitees caused you to suffer one or more injuries.

Stairs are too often neglected in property maintenance. Unfortunately, this means that many stairs may look safe but are dangerous. Some of the injury hazards present on stairs include:

  • Broken or missing steps
  • Absent, loose or damaged handrails
  • Frayed or torn carpeting
  • Poor or absent lighting
  • Wet, icy or snowy steps

Any fall comes with a risk of injury but falling down stairs may increase this risk. Make sure to examine any steps or stairwells on another person’s property before you use them. If you do experience an accident resulting in injuries, the law can help you acquire financial compensation. Such compensation can ease your concerns over medical and other injury-related expenses and may help speed your physical recovery.

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