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Why Internal Bleeding is so Dangerous After a Crash

March 16, 2022 – admin – Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Seeing the physical consequences of a car crash can be a traumatic experience. Open or compound fractures and head wounds can produce a lot of blood at the scene and seeing someone unconscious can be a truly unnerving experience.

People notice many of the worst possible car crash injuries as soon as they occur and know to get emergency help. Getting timely medical care can help people after a crash, but that isn’t always what happens.

Some of the worst traumatic injuries are internal. Internal bleeding after a car crash could lead to severe symptoms if someone doesn’t receive timely medical attention.

Traumatic brain injuries

If someone suffers a penetrating injury to the head or experiences intense shaking during the car crash, they may develop a bruise on their brain or there may be bleeding inside of their skull. Both scenarios could result in increasing pressure on the brain and worsening symptoms. Traumatic brain injuries can affect everything from someone’s sense of balance to their personality.

Abdominal injuries

Internal bleeding into the abdomen or chest can also be a life-threatening injury. As the blood pools, it can make it hard for someone to breathe. The blood loss can also lead to severe medical side effects, including loss of consciousness.

You can’t see these dangerous internal injuries at the scene of a crash, but you still need to know if you have one of them. Seeing a doctor after a crash can help you get diagnosed quickly for a serious injury and improve your prognosis. Learning about common injuries from motor vehicle collisions can help you better protect yourself if you ever get into a crash.

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