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Weapons: Are BB, Gas And Airsoft Guns Illegal In Colorado Springs?

June 8, 2021 – David W. Foley – Weapons Crimes

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Weapons: Are BB, gas and airsoft guns illegal in Colorado Springs?

In decades past, children loved getting a new BB gun for their birthday or Christmas. In these more modern times, both residents and law enforcement have a more realistic viewpoint about these so-called toys.

Contrary to popular belief, these play weapons can and do cause injury in many cases. As such, the Colorado Springs city government has created laws regarding their use and possession. They are not legal in certain situations.

Article 7, Part 1: Dangerous and Deadly Weapons

According to city code, air guns, gas guns and BB guns fall within the classification of dangerous or deadly weapons. If you or your child is caught using these items wrongfully, you could face significant legal issues. For example, it is illegal to discharge or fire these items in the city.

You could also face harsh consequences for having such items inside the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. Examples include the following.

  • Attempting to carry these items into the sterile concourse area
  • Entering an airport’s concourse with these items
  • Entering security checkpoints or sterile concourses with these items inside a piece of luggage
  • Attempting to pass baggage containing such items through security checkpoints

Although most people do not think BB guns or airsoft guns are dangerous and deadly, it is still vital to follow the law in these matters. Failure to do so could land you or your child in more legal trouble than you might expect.

Remember, these laws exist to keep all Colorado residents safe from those who might use these items in a malicious or harmful way. It is wise to continue learning more about weapons offenses and what seemingly harmless things qualify as dangerous or deadly weapons.

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