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Watch for hidden injuries after a car collision 

November 14, 2022 – admin – Personal Injury

Watch For Hidden Injuries After A Car Collision | Colorado Springs, Co 80903

Two (or more) cars colliding at high speeds is only likely to end with some kind of bodily injury – even if people were wearing their seatbelts and were, seemingly, protected by their airbags.

While people may walk away from a collision unharmed, they may be suffering from hidden injuries. Despite what many people want to think, their body is highly susceptible to injuries, especially in a vehicle accident.

There are many kinds of hidden injuries and signs that indicate someone is suffering from a medical condition. You may need to watch for symptoms that you’re suffering from hidden injuries after a car collision, like these:

Traumatic brain injuries

Suffering from a blow to the head, like from an airbag or the back of a car seat, could cause major medical injuries. Some common injuries include concussions and whiplash but may even include fatal injuries like internal bleeding. You may notice signs that you’re experiencing traumatic brain injuries if you suddenly feel lightheaded, suffer from constant headaches or your memory is failing you.

Spinal injuries

After a car accident, you’ll likely feel sore and stiff and find you’re bruised in several places. However, if you’re struggling to sit or stand and feel a sharp pain in your back, then you may be experiencing spinal injuries.

A spinal fracture could result in paraplegia, where victims suffer from a loss of muscle control and feeling – and symptoms aren’t always immediate. Or, victims may be suffering from extreme pain because of a herniated disk.

One bad accident could change your entire life, causing you to need serious medical treatment and lifelong surgeries without knowing your legal options.

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