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Understand Your 2nd Amendment Rights

November 28, 2022 – David W. Foley – Weapons Crimes

Understand Your 2nd Amendment Rights | Foley Law Firm, CO 80903

Most people know that the Constitution of the United States provides them with specific rights. The first 10 Amendments of this document are known as the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment covers the right to bear arms, but many people don’t realize exactly what this means.

When it was first enacted, the goal of the amendment was to ensure that individuals in this country could help to protect the country. There wasn’t a huge organized army then, so this made sense. As time progressed, the amendment became synonymous with having weapons for self-defense.

The issue of Second Amendment rights has gone before the United States Supreme Court. These cases have generally strengthened the meaning and have made it more difficult for legislators to regulate guns.

One interesting point to know is that there are some limitations of this amendment. For example, it’s been upheld that people who have certain criminal convictions can’t own firearms. As laws evolve, some states, counties, and municipalities have enacted their own laws or resolutions to combat the government’s ever-increasing grasp on gun control.

What is a sanctuary city or county pertaining to gun laws?

A sanctuary city or county pertaining to gun laws means that resolutions in those areas declare they support the Second Amendment. They’re resistant to any laws that go against the Second Amendment, but this doesn’t automatically do away with the possibility of prosecution. There are several of these in Colorado and the exact resolution terms vary depending on the location.

Anyone who’s accused of a weapons charge should learn about the options they have for a defense strategy. Discussing the matter with someone who has experience with these cases is important because they can help you determine how to proceed.

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