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Sex Offender Registry: 3 Points to Know

November 29, 2022 – David W. Foley – Sex Crimes

People who are facing sex-related charges should consider the penalties that come with a conviction. While many think about things like incarceration and fines, people often don’t consider the fact that some sex offenders have to register.

Being on the sex offender registry can lead to many challenges. It comes with many restrictions and requirements.

1. Registration requirements apply in all states

A person who’s required to register as a sex offender can’t move to a state outside of the one where they were convicted and think they don’t have to register. Once you’re required to register, you must do this regardless of where you live. Failing to register as required can lead to criminal penalties.

When you register as a sex offender, you have to provide identifying information, employment information, DNA, finger and palm prints and residency information. Professional licenses and vehicle information are also required.

2. In-person check-ins are required

All individuals on the sex offender registry must check in as required. These are typically handled by the local police department. They’re a chance for authorities to verify your contact information, residence information and anything else they need to know.

3. Community notification is required

People who are on the sex offender registry have to notify the community of their status. Megan’s Law was enacted in 1996 to make this a requirement under the Wetterling Act. In some cases, notification means that the information is published on a website. In other cases, mailed notifications or signs are also required.

Sex-related criminal charges can profoundly impact your future, especially if you’re subjected to having to register. Understanding all these points is crucial to determining the direction of your defense strategy.

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