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Rideshares: Do They Have Good Insurance Coverage?

July 9, 2021 – admin – Motor Vehicle Accidents

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When you call a rideshare service to get to your destination, your goal is to get there safely. The last thing you’d want is to get into a vehicle with a dangerous or reckless driver. Even if your driver is good, there is still a chance that you could be involved in a collision with another dangerous driver on the roads.

In Colorado, rideshare driver needs to have insurance coverage. So, as a victim of a collision, you should be able to seek compensation through the driver’s insurance. If another driver caused the crash, you may also be able to seek compensation from them.

Colorado has specific laws detailing how much the drivers must carry in insurance. According to the state laws, drivers at Uber need to:

  • Maintain 50/100/25 insurance coverage through a company such as USAA, Allstate, GEICO or Farmers
  • Have a combined single auto liability limit set at $1,000,000 with underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. The deductible must be 1,000 or less.

Drivers at Lyft need to:

  • Carry the same 50/100/25 insurance on their vehicle through USAA, Allstate, GEICO or Farmers
  • Have a combined single limit of auto liability set at $1 million with $1 million in uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. For comprehensive and collision coverage, the deductible can be no higher than $2,500. Lyft also requires drivers to have a maximum coverage set at $50,000 in the state

Why is it important to choose your rideshare service carefully?

Looking at the above information, you can see that it makes sense to choose your rideshare based on how much coverage the driver should have in the case of a collision. Drivers at Lyft, for example, have higher deductibles after a collision than those at Uber. As a victim, that may not matter to you, but you still should look into the general coverage before deciding who to ride with.

If you are involved in a crash, you have the option of pursuing a claim against the driver. Their insurance should also cover you if the other party involved in the crash does not have insurance or is not insured enough to provide you with fair compensation.

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