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New Stalking, Domestic Violence Law In Colorado

July 16, 2017 – David W. Foley – Domestic Violence

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A new law dealing with stalking and domestic violence is in force now in Colorado. With more than 18,000 domestic violence reports in Colorado last year, a new law was needed. However, it was one specific case that prompted the law.

A Colorado Springs woman was fatally shot by her ex-boyfriend when he was on house arrest. The man was awaiting sentencing after being convicted of felony stalking. He was wearing an electronic monitoring ankle device, which he cut off. In order to steal a truck, the man killed the driver and drove to his ex-girlfriend’s home. He broke in and shot her.

The sponsor of the bill, Representative Clarice Navarro (R) Pueblo, said, “Right now, there’s a gap of six to eight weeks before sentencing after conviction, and unfortunately that was the gap and time period that [the victim] lost her life.” This new law will require that anyone who is convicted of habitual domestic violence or felony stalking will be denied bail while waiting for his or her sentencing date.

The representative said that the victim in this case was the reason she sponsored the bill, but she also said that she is well aware of the terror that domestic violence brings. She said, “I felt very compelled to speak out about domestic violence and stalking. As a young child, I grew up in a home where there was domestic violence and, at that time, we didn’t have any safety. We were always living in fear.”

The prosecutors in the case are asking for the death penalty and this is the first time in 10 years that they have done so.

If you are in harm’s way because of a loved one, there is hope. There are resources available that can help you put an end to the abuse, such as law enforcement, shelters and attorneys.

Source:, “New Domestic Violence, Stalking Law Takes Effect Next Week,” Shaun Boyd, Aug. 03, 2017

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