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John Elway’s Son Accused Of Assault in Colorado

May 7, 2014 – admin – Domestic Violence

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John Elway is one of the greatest National Football League quarterbacks of all time. While his 24-year-old son was unable to follow in his father’s footsteps on the football field, he has found himself in the news nonetheless. Recently, the younger Elway was arrested in Colorado for suspicion of assault against a woman believed to be his girlfriend.

Elway was taken into custody by Denver police after he allegedly argued with the woman in his car. From there, it is believed that he dragged her out of the car by her hair. When she attempted to stand up, Elway forced her down and eventually ran away on foot. As a result of the domestic assault incident, the woman received some bruises and scrapes.

Despite the fact that Elway is a resident of California, he found himself in trouble with local police in Colorado. Even though his father is one of the most popular sports figures in the state, that is unlikely to help as he makes his way through the court system. He will have to attempt to explain to authorities what happened between him and his girlfriend.

Everybody makes mistakes from time to time. In this case, it appears that the younger Elway assaulted his girlfriend for reasons that have yet to be determined. Regardless of what led to the argument, there is no changing the facts of the case. Now Elway must go through the legal process, which can be complex in these types of domestic assault cases. He is sure to be armed with a top-notch criminal defense attorney to help him vigorously dispute these charges over the coming months.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “John Elway’s son accused of dragging woman from car by her hair” Ryan Parker, Jun. 02, 2014

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