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Is My Weapon Dangerous Or Illegal?

September 20, 2021 – admin – Weapons Crimes

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A weapons charge conviction will carry severe consequences. Therefore understanding what you can and cannot own or have on you in specific places is crucial.

Guns garner the most attention when people speak of weapons laws. Yet, you do not need to own a gun to be charged with possessing a dangerous or illegal weapon. The law restricts your ability to carry several items that are far less lethal than a firearm.

What non-firearms does the law consider as weapons?

Bruce Lee once said his “hands are registered as lethal weapons.” Fortunately, in Colorado, the law does not go that far. Here are some of the things state law does consider a dangerous or illegal weapon:

  • Knives: The law says that anything with a blade over three and a half inches but also states that any object “capable of inflicting cutting, stabbing or tearing wounds” qualifies as a weapon. Many sharp instruments that are less than three and a half inches could land you in trouble. State law allows you to have hunting and fishing knives, but it does not necessarily mean you can defend yourself with them.
  • Explosives: Certain ingredients can be combined to cause explosions. Colorado law states you could be charged if you possess materials “commonly used” to cause explosions even if you have a valid reason for owning these and no intention of causing others harm.
  • Stun guns: Perhaps you consider this would protect you from dog attacks while out jogging or from bears in the woods? It could, however, land you in jail.
  • Leather clubs: Even a small one that gives you a slight advantage over using your fists if someone attacks could lead to you facing charges if the police find it on you.

If you are facing weapons charges, then it is crucial to understand Colorado weapons laws. Only with that knowledge can you start to look for a suitable way to defend yourself against the charges that you face.

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