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Important topics to discuss with your criminal defense attorney

December 6, 2017 – admin – Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Colorado Springs | Call 719-757-1182

Facing a criminal charge in Colorado Springs does not have to mean the end of your freedom or life as you know it. There are ways to fight the charges, especially if you have consulted with an experienced criminal defense attorney. There are some items of importance you will want to discuss with your attorney and we will touch on them in today’s post.

Provide your attorney with all of the facts regarding your case that you feel are important and will help you succeed. The importance of your own account of what happened is very high. It will aid the attorney in analyzing what occurred and how to move forward with the defense.

Tell your attorney if you hold any professional licenses. Mixing a professional license and a criminal charge is never a good thing. Your attorney needs to know this information so he or she can begin to prepare to not only defend you against the criminal charges, but also help you keep your professional license.

Your attorney should also be informed about your criminal history. Let them know if you have never encountered any run-ins with the law or if you have a record. If you have a record, the attorney needs to know this because it will hamper negotiation tactics for plea deals and sentencing.

Open up to your attorney about the truth. Telling a lie or half-truths to your attorney will only hurt your case in the end.

Are you facing a criminal charge in El Paso County? It’s best to speak to a criminal defense attorney about all of the above items mentioned in today’s post. You never want to risk your rights when dealing with a criminal charge.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Colorado Springs | Call 719-757-1182

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