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How Serious are Charges of Embezzlement?

July 26, 2021 – David W. Foley – White Collar Crimes

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When a public official is charged with embezzlement, prosecutors may be certain they have a strong case. The official may also be charged with several crimes.

“Embezzlement” Is one type of theft involving assets or money from another person or organization. The person who has been accused of embezzling money or assets may have been trusted to manage those assets. They may have also had direct access to the assets.

The official may have held the position of accountant, which may have given them the ability to steal from their employer.

If someone embezzles private property, is considered to be a theft charge in Colorado. Charges against the person rely on the extent of assets that were alleged to have been taken.

Embezzlement charges as a white collar crime in Colorado

Criminal charges of embezzlement are considered to be a white collar crime in Colorado. Other white collar crimes include computer hacking, money laundering, fraud of all types, identity theft, spamming others with bad intent, and illegally downloading or stealing the intellectual property of another person. Destroying the other person’s intellectual property may also be considered a white collar crime.

Charges of embezzlement after a long investigation

The public official who has been charged with embezzlement may be facing serious charges. Prosecutors may have spent months investigating the official and building up a solid case against them.

Under Colorado law, a public official who has been accused of illegally accessing public funds or property, then converting that money or property to their own accounts may be found guilty of embezzling public property.

Embezzlement of public property may be considered to be a Class 5 felony, which means the person may spend up to three years and prison. They may also be required to pay up to $100,000 in fines.

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