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How New Vehicle Safety Features Can Help Older Drivers

April 19, 2021 – admin – Motor Vehicle Accidents

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If you’re a senior driver who’s been involved in a car crash, you may be having second thoughts about getting behind the wheel again. Even if the crash wasn’t your fault, it’s normal to have some anxiety. It may feel like there’s just too much happening on the road – and even in parking lots — to be aware of all of it.

Whether you’re in your 60s, 70s or older, if you’re able to drive safely, there’s no reason why you should give up the independence it can give you. If that crash seriously damaged or totaled your car, though, you have a chance to get a new one with the latest safety features that can give you added confidence and help keep you safer.

If the last time you bought a new car was in the 20th century, you’ll be especially surprised. Let’s examine some advanced technologies to look for in a new vehicle.

Rear-view camera

These have been around for some time, but they’re required now on all new vehicles. They give you a clear view of what’s behind you before you back up. While you shouldn’t rely solely on them and still should turn and look behind you, they provide added assurance that nothing (and no one) is behind the car. This includes children and animals, which an over-the-shoulder look can miss.

Blind spot detector

This lets you know (usually via a small blinking light in your side mirror) when there is a car coming up next to you. It can spot vehicles you can’t see in your mirrors. It should never take the place of an over-the-shoulder look before you change lanes, but it helps you have greater awareness of what’s going on around you on the road.

Lane departure warning

This system warns you if you’re starting to drift out of your lane – even if you haven’t crossed the line. Some departure warning systems also have technology that will automatically steer your vehicle back into the lane.

These are just a few technological advances that can help older drivers stay safer while also protecting them from unsafe drivers. If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a crash caused by one of those unsafe drivers, it’s important to get the compensation you need to cover medical bills and other expenses – like the cost of a new car.


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