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How Many Classes of Crimes are There in Colorado?

June 2, 2017 – admin – Felonies

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There are many different levels of misdemeanors and felonies you could be charged with depending on the crime. There are six classes of felonies and three classes of misdemeanors. These classes don’t include things like traffic infractions or unclassified misdemeanors or felonies.

The level of a crime, or its class, does determine the type of penalties you could face. For that reason, it’s nearly always better to seek to drop a charge to a lower level if you can’t get it dropped completely.

There are many different types of felony crimes, not just violent crimes. You probably think of murders and homicides when you think about what a felony charge would be for, but in reality, felony charges can be for many different offenses. For example, if you attempt to practice professional engineering without an active license, it’s a class six felony.

Another felony with a higher class is unlawful entry. This is when you enter a premises when you are not given permission to do so. If this takes place at a gaming establishment where you have previously been ejected, you can face a class 5 felony charge.

More serious is criminal conspiracy. This is when you work with another person to engage in criminal conduct. Conspiracy to commit a class I felony would be a Class 2 felony when charged. Conspiracy to commit a class 4 felony would be a class 5 felony when charged. As may already be clear, if you’re charged with a felony, you want to have the highest numbered class possible, since that is equivalent to the lowest offense.

If you’re accused of a crime and face criminal charges, you need a strong defense. Your criminal defense options could vary depending on your situation. Your attorney can help you decide which steps you want to take moving forward.

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