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How A DUI Affects Employment Opportunities

November 18, 2019 – admin – Uncategory

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Despite the best efforts from various organizations to spread awareness, numerous people around Colorado continue to drink and drive. Look no further than the last Halloween weekend where law enforcement arrested 228 drivers suspected of driving while under the influence.

DUI conviction can tarnish your record for years to come. While you may worry about jail time and fines at the moment, the truth is that a DUI can follow you for much longer than whatever your jail sentence may be. Perhaps most importantly, it can affect what kind of work you can get going forward.

Can you lose your job over a DUI arrest?

After a DUI arrest, you may have to spend a lot of time in court. In the event of a conviction, you could end up in jail for several weeks. An employer has the right to fire you for a DUI arrest if you have to miss significant time off work. Additionally, if you apply for a different job in the future, the hiring manager can conduct a background check and easily discover a drunk driving conviction. Not every employer in Colorado will disqualify candidates with DUIs, but many certainly take it into consideration.

Are there certain professions you’ll be excluded from?

Certain professions outright refuse to hire anyone with a DUI. Jobs where employees need to drive will pass over anyone with a DUI conviction. The main reason for this is that the company’s auto insurance policy will go up if they hire someone with an unsafe driving record. Companies will not want to needlessly raise their rates when there are plenty of other applicants to choose from. A DUI on your record means that you will also not gain employment anywhere that requires you to operate heavy machinery. A DUI is a bad look on your reputation, so you need to think in the long term before getting behind the wheel while even slightly impaired.

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