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Heroin Addiction Often Starts With A Need For Pain Relief

September 13, 2021 – David W. Foley – Drug Crimes

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Heroin is a dangerous and highly addictive drug that many people associate with hardened criminals and bad personal decisions. The social stigma leads to a lot of judgment, rather than support, for those dealing with addiction or drug-related criminal charges.

However, many people currently struggling with heroin addiction or dependence on opioids or opiate painkillers actually started out by taking prescription painkillers recommended by their doctors. Far from being career criminals or dangerous individuals, many people addicted to heroin or opioids had a valid medical reason for requesting pain relief and then later found themselves struggling to stop taking their medications.

Staying off of prescription pain medication is hard for many people

The correlation between prescription medication and heroin addiction is well-known. Although the studies deal with a little older data, research published within the last decade claims that as many as 75% of the people abusing opioids or even heroin start off with a legitimate medication prescribed by their doctors.

Unfortunately, many doctors still fail to properly taper patients off of opioids and help them address the signs of chemical dependence. They instead just stop the prescription, forcing that person onto the unregulated market out of fear of withdrawal if they stop taking the medication all at once.

Those who turn to heroin to satiate their chemical dependence and those who purchase prescription medication on the unregulated market could find themselves facing very serious criminal charges because of an addiction outside of their control.

An arrest might be the wake-up call you need to seek treatment and potentially move on from an addiction that has endangered your life and your freedom. Responding appropriately to drug charges could help you make the most of that wake-up call.

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