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Halloween is not the night to drink and drive

September 27, 2019 – admin – Uncategory

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Whether you love to trick-or-treat with your children or plan to attend a party with your friends, you are likely looking forward to October 31. After all, Halloween can be an unbelievable amount of fun for Coloradoans of any age. Still, if you plan to celebrate with beer, wine or cocktails, you should not drive.

According to the Denver Post, Colorado officers arrested 375 drunk drivers on Halloween in 2017. While law enforcement agencies around the state have not yet announced their plans to step up DUI patrols on Halloween, there is a good chance state, county and local police officers will have a bigger presence on El Paso County roadways on October 31.

The enforcement campaign 

While it is possible to drink and drive on all days of the year, doing so on certain days increases your chances of encountering a patrol officer or sobriety checkpoint. In Colorado, several law enforcement agencies participate in “The Heat Is On” campaign. In past years, officers throughout the state have increased DUI patrols during the last week of October and the first part of November to catch drunk drivers celebrating Halloween.

The beginning of a weekend 

In 2019, Halloween falls on a Thursday. While there is nothing wrong with extending your celebration into the weekend, you must realize that Halloween DUI enforcement may coincide with already increased weekend patrols in Colorado Springs. As such, driving under the influence on this Halloween may be even riskier than other years.

Driving with a blood alcohol concentration above Colorado’s 0.08% legal limit is always a bad idea. Still, doing so on Halloween may put you at increased risk of receiving a DUI charge. Therefore, when planning your spooky festivities, you likely want to think about transportation to and from parties. With a bit of planning, you can avoid the negative consequences of a DUI conviction.

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