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Explaining Protective Orders In Colorado

November 8, 2017 – admin – Domestic Violence

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Seeking a protective order in Colorado is not as difficult as some make it out to be. Protective orders are legally binding documents that help to protect those who seek the order against others in their lives. In today’s post, we will discuss protective orders in Colorado and what they entail for those seeking protection.

For the most part, protective orders are issued to protect spouses who have suffered abuse and for exes who have been abused by former spouses. These orders can also be issued by the courts to protect children involved in these situations as well as helping to keep stalkers from their victims.

There are four main laws on the books in the state of Colorado that deal with protective orders. Those four laws cover the following situations:

  • Issuance of an emergency protection order
  • The procedure for issuing a temporary civil protection order
  • Violation of protection order
  • The crime of violating an order of protection

The duration of a protective order in Colorado is for three business days from the date it was issued. The order expires at the end of the business day on the third business day. The order can be extended by the court.

Violating a protective order in Colorado can lead to charges of a class 2 misdemeanor unless the defendant has been convicted before under the same section or another restraining order. If so, violating the order will come with a class 1 misdemeanor charge.

Requiring a protective order is a scary situation. You likely have been harassed, threatened, stalked or frightened in some way by another person. It’s best to have an experienced domestic violence attorney by your side when applying for a protective order in Colorado Springs.

Source: Findlaw, “Colorado Protective Orders Laws,” accessed Nov. 08, 2017

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