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Drug bust by gang unit nets meth, marijuana

August 17, 2016 – David W. Foley – Criminal Defense

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Two men were recently arrested by the Colorado Springs Police Gang Unit. Both tried to run from officers, but were quickly caught and detained.

The two men arrested, ages 29 and 36, were arrested at an apartment located on the east side of the city. Inside the apartment, police located over a pound of methamphetamine and almost six grams of marijuana. According to officers, the drugs have a street value of more than $186,000.

The 29-year-old man had a felony warrant out for his arrest. The other man was charged with possession of schedule II narcotics, possession of weapons by previous offender and special offenses. It is not known what bail amount was set for the two defendants.

When a drug bust is made, there are many factors that must be considered by those who are facing charges. For example, was a search warrant needed before a home could be searched for narcotics? Was the search warrant obtained legally? Were the defendants’ rights violated? Some of these questions can generate answers that lead to evidence or even charges being thrown out of court.

Of course, it is important that anyone facing serious charges to remember that anything that is said can be used against him or her in court. Those who are being investigated for drug crimes and those who are arrested for drug crimes have a right to have an attorney present when they are questioned. These are two rights that anyone who is arrested should remember.

When you have questions about drug charges and other crimes, get your answers from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Source:, “Gang unit makes large drug bust in Colorado Springs,” Cesira Costa, Aug. 14, 2016

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