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September 9, 2016 – admin – Drunk Driving

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In 2014, the Colorado State Patrol had a goal of a 10 percent reduction in alcohol and drug caused injury and fatal crashes across the state. This was outlined in the state’s 2014 Strategic Plan.

Instead of a reduction in the number of crashes related to alcohol and drugs, though, there was a 6.9 percent increase from 2013. The patrol investigated 513 fatal and injury crashes caused by driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol in 2014.

At [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], our defense lawyers have unique insight into the tactics and strategies of the prosecution. We can outsmart them at trial, but we also excel at negotiations with them. We know that there are many things that can go wrong during an arrest for drunk driving, including the road and weather conditions, a malfunctioning vehicle or a medical condition.

We work with our clients to discredit field sobriety test results and Breathalyzer results in an effort to help them avoid the harsh punishments of a drunk driving conviction. Some of the possible penalties include an ignition interlock device, hefty fines and the revocation of your driver’s license.

Obviously, drinking and driving is never a good idea. As you can see from the 2014 Strategic Plan from the Colorado State Patrol, not only is it dangerous to you and others on the road, but law enforcement is attempting to lower the numbers of those injured and killed in accidents involving alcohol and drugs. As a result, the chances of a DUI/DUID arrest is increasing.

If you are arrested, we can help you understand the possible penalties associated with your case, as well as your possible defense strategies. Take a look at our webpages on DUI/DUIC to learn more.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Colorado Springs | Call 719-757-1182

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