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Colorado Springs Woman In Jail For Alleged Sex Crime

August 19, 2013 – admin – Criminal Defense

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Being accused of a sex-related crime can not only have serious criminal repercussions, but it can be devastating to the individual’s personal and professional life. A woman now faces this situation after being accused of a sex crime by an 18-year-old who lived in the Colorado Springs group home where she worked. The 32-year-old woman has been charged with felony sexual assault.

According to reports, the woman was a supervisor at the home when the boy moved there at the age of 17. He claims that she began to make passes at him and wanted to know when he would turn 18. In December of last year, they allegedly had a sexual encounter.

Afterwards, the woman purportedly began texting the teenager. The number she used linked to her online profile for an escort service, complete with racy photos of her. The teen made the allegations of sexual assault in April and told police that he was afraid to come forward because he thought nobody would believe him. Police completed their investigation after four months and took her into custody.

During a preliminary hearing, the accused requested to be put under house arrest so she could return home to her children, since she is a single mother. The request was denied, leaving this woman with many personal concerns if she should happen to be convicted of this alleged sex crime. She would do well to put together a solid defense strategy with her legal team that looks at all aspects of the investigation and the evidence. Having a clear understanding of the case against her can help her determine the best course of action that will protect her rights in a Colorado Springs courtroom and obtain the best possible outcome.

Source:, “Sex Assault Suspect Pleads For Release In Court Appearance,” Aug. 14, 2013

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