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August 3, 2014 – admin – Criminal Defense

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A man and woman in Colorado allegedly went on a crime spree, carjacking a number of vehicles and carrying weapons, until they were arrested by officers out on I-70. Apparently, the suspects were getting close to cars on the interstate, and one picture from a news helicopter shows the man holding a rifle and walking near a pickup truck. Another picture from the air shows officers tackling the man and apprehending him.

The police did say that one of their officers fired his gun. They were not sure if either of the two suspects had actually fired theirs, though.

The whole thing started when the pair carjacked a truck, and officers were called. However, the pair ditched the truck and split up. This was near Lookout Mountain.

The man even tried to steal a plow truck that was owned by the Colorado Department of Transportation. He was not able to do so, though, reportedly not locating the keys, and he went into a house and stole an SUV instead. To get it out of the garage, he slammed right through the garage door.

However, in trying to flee, he got the vehicle stuck. While all of that was happening, the woman had been arrested. The man then ran to the interstate and started pointing the gun at drivers, apparently looking for a new car for himself, but the drivers refused to stop. A police officer then showed up on a motorcycle, and he and a citizen who had pulled over detained the man.

Regardless of the charges against them, everyone deserves a fair trial where they can put their criminal defense plan into action and let a judge and jury decide on an unbiased outcome.

Source: CBS Denver,Armed Crime Spree Suspects Arrested After Approaching Cars On I-70” Jul. 23, 2014

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