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Are Machine Guns Legal In Colorado?

February 25, 2022 – admin – Weapons Crimes

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The right to bear arms is something that many people across America take seriously. This is a fundamental right that is guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the constitution.

However, as always, a balance must be struck between public safety and the rights of other individuals. Gun laws vary from state to state, and Colorado has some rigid laws in place to ensure the wider safety of the general public. Not all guns and weapons are legal and it is extremely important to recognize the distinctions within the criminal law.

Sawed-off shotguns

Sawed-off shotguns (commonly referred to as short shotguns), are considered dangerous weapons and are therefore prohibited in Colorado. To determine whether or not the weapon is short, authorities will inspect the length of the barrel. It is not unlawful in itself to shorten the barrel. However, if the gun is under 18 inches long then weapons charges are likely to be brought.

Machine guns

People are motivated to purchase guns for a number of reasons. Some individuals enjoy hunting or other outdoor hobbies, while others seek ways to protect themselves and their property. While there are guns suited to these different roles, it is arguable that a machine gun is not. Machine guns fire numerous bullets within a very short period and their main purpose is essentially to be a killing machine. For these reasons, this type of weapon is considered dangerous and unlawful in Colorado.

A weapons charge is extremely serious, so you need to understand the laws in depth if you are to possess a gun. If you find yourself facing weapons charges, make sure that you look into all of your legal protections.

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