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Answers To 5 Common Questions About Marijuana in Colorado

August 30, 2017 – David W. Foley – Drug Crimes

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By now you probably already know recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado. However, there are many misunderstandings floating around about this topic. Whether you have lived in the state all your life or you just moved here, it is crucial for you to understand the restrictions on using and selling cannabis.

Just because it is legal for recreational use does not mean you can use it anywhere or sell it as you please. Here are answers to five frequently asked questions about marijuana in Colorado.

1. Can I use marijuana in public?

No. It is illegal to consume marijuana in public areas such as:

  • Sidewalks
  • Sporting or concert venues
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Public transportation

It is even prohibited to smoke at public indoor places such as restaurants or bars. Play it safe and only smoke within a private residence.

2. Can I sell marijuana?

You are not allowed to sell the substance. Only licensed retailers can sell marijuana. However, you can give marijuana to other adults 21 years old or older if you do not receive any money or thing of value from it.

3. Can I drive while high?

It is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. If five or more nanograms of THC are detected in your blood, you may be charged with a DUI. This could result in license revocation, fines and jail time.

4. Can I take marijuana out of state?

You cannot take any marijuana across state lines; this includes flying out of the Denver International Airport. You are prohibited from possessing, using, transferring and displaying marijuana at the airport.

5. Do laws differ in other cities or counties?

Certain cities and counties in Colorado have specific marijuana ordinances. These unique sale and consumption laws only apply within the particular jurisdiction.

Now that you know the facts about these common misconceptions about marijuana in Colorado, you can better consume marijuana legally and safely. If you have been arrested on a marijuana charge or for driving under the influence of marijuana, remember that there are defenses to those charges. Speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney concerning your legal options.

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