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4 ways a criminal record can affect your life

June 28, 2022 – David W. Foley – Criminal Defense

4 ways a criminal record can affect your life | Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Having a criminal record can affect several aspects of your life. You could miss out on some opportunities because of your criminal past, even if it’s all behind you.

Criminal records are public, and any interested party can know about your run-ins with the law if they check on your history. Here are the different consequences of having a criminal record.

Your employment

An entry on your criminal record can affect your ability to secure employment. A prospective employer can conduct a background check (with your consent), and if something comes up, you could be left out of a promising job opportunity.

Child custody decisions

You could lose the right to parent your child due to your criminal past. A criminal record can raise doubts about your character and ability to raise your child, relegating you to supervised visitation only.

Travel restrictions

It may not be possible to travel to some places with a criminal record. Getting the necessary approvals may be difficult, and you may not be allowed entry to certain countries if you have been convicted of serious crimes.

Renting and leasing difficulties

Some landlords may perceive you to be a violent person because of things you did in the past. As such, a landlord can refuse to lease space to you due to your criminal past if there are standardized policies that prevent tenants with certain convictions that would endanger other tenants or the property.

What can you do about it?

If you have a criminal record, it is possible to seal or expunge it, which can help you avoid some of these scenarios. However, this depends on the type of crimes, among other factors.

A legal review of the unique circumstances of your situation may be necessary to give you a better understanding of the whole array of the available options.

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